Dimosaris Gorge in Euboea Greece – Best Day Hikes in Europe!

The hiking path through the Dimosaris Canyon in Euboea, Greece, is one of those hiking trails with waterfalls and beautiful nature that every hiker loves. It is one of the best day hikes in Europe if you are planning to hike in Greece.

The Dimosaris is a small, impetuous river that flows all year around from the peaks of the Ochi Mountains through the Dimosaris Canyon in Euboea (or Evia).

The hiking path through the canyon is one of the most beautiful mountain trails you can find in Greece. The hiking trail leads over an old Medieval path paved with gigantic cobblestones, through ancient forests, along towering rock formations, high green ferns and waterfalls.

Mainly you will walk in the shade of the plane trees with babbling brooks on your feet and the dragonflies in front of you leading you to the beach where the canyon ends at the azure blue Aegean Sea.

Ancient paths connected the villages of South Euboea

The Dimosaris canyon lies on the northeastern side of the Ochi Mountains and is about twelve kilometers long. Before roads were built in these mountains, the paths that run through the canyon were the main connecting routes between the different villages in this part of Euboea, and in particular to Karystos.

Some of the old paths in the canyon are paved and this pavement dates from the Middle Ages. Large cobblestones have been used for this, which have changed position over the years. This means you have to watch your step.

Yet the crossing of the canyon is experienced as easy by most hikers. Of course you have to be in a good physical condition. The hiking trails are marked, and in general easy passable.

Start of your hike along Medieval path

If you want to follow the old Medieval path during your walk through the canyon, the starting point of the route is at around 1386 meters altitude.

Here, at the springs of the Dimosaris River, the descent starts. Soon you will walk along the river that accompanies you through the entire canyon and ends at the beach of Kallianos.

The water that laps over slate and marble, forms dozens of streams, waterfalls and little lakes. One waterfall even forms a natural slide!

Deserted village Lenosei

The walk through the canyon can be done in about four hours. But if you want to take it easy, count on at least five to six hours.

About halfway in the canyon is situated the village Lenosei. Nowadays the village is nearly deserted and neither do expect to get any refreshments here. Nearby is a place called Skala Lenosei, famous for its waterfalls and the lakes formed by the flowing water where you can swim in crystal clear water.

Variety in flora and fauna

Until Lenosei the descent is fairly abrupt, but then, until the sea the canyon changes in a narrow valley and the surface is more even. Nature varies a lot during the route because of the difference in height of the canyon.

The higher, colder and more humid parts of the canyon have entirely different vegetation than the lower parts that are warmer.

During your walk you can encounter turtles, salamanders and rare birds. These birds have their nests in the inaccessible rocks of the canyon.

Transport and guide

Of course it is not necessary to cross the entire canyon. A walk in the beginning of the gorge can give you a taste of this paradise in the Ochi Mountains of Euboea.

It’s a good idea to ensure that you have transport after crossing the canyon, arriving at the beach. Otherwise you will have to walk the same ten kilometers back, but this time not downhill, but uphill!

If you are not an experienced hiker it’s advised to cross the canyon under the guidance of a guide. Not only for your own safety, but he or she will also organize your return.

Featured images of Dimosaris canyon by Georgios Liakopoulos [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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