Greek Dragon Houses near Nea Stira – Greece Landmarks in Evia

If you want to visit the dragon houses of Styra, the mysterious ancient Greek monuments of Evia, while staying in Nea Stira, Karystos, or Marmari, read on to find out their locations.

A couple of dragon houses (drakospita) are located in the neighborhood of the coastal town Nea Stira and the old inland village Styra. These ancient Greek landmarks are very impressive. Not only because of the way they were built, but also because of the locations they were built at.

If you are in to a little hike or drive into the mountains of Evia, and you are interested in Greek ruins and history, then the drakospita are absolutely some of the best things to see in Greece.

Greece landmarks
Styra Greece. Dragon houses in the distance.


tour to dragon houses Styra
Map of Styra and Nea Styra on Evia Island.


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A few of the dragon houses you can reach easily and can be visited independently, if you know how to find them. Other dragon houses require a local guide. A guide will not only help you to find them, he or she will also assure you stay safe during your hike or drive.

List of Drakospita near Nea Stira

  • In the district of Styra there is a group of dragon houses around 13 minutes from the old village of Styra. You will find the three dragon houses located at the site of Palli Laka, on the slopes of Mount Kliosi. It’s estimated they were build around the fifth or fourth century BC. It’s not sure where they were used for. Some researchers think they were inhabited by workers of the nearby marble quarries, others think they were used as sanctuaries.
  • Half an hour from the old village of Styra is a dragon house called Tsouka dragon house.
  • The easiest accessible dragon house is called Limiko dragon house at a height of 320m. It’s a ten minute drive from Nea Styra (around two kilometers along the road after Kapsala).
  • At a height of 150m near the sea village of Nimporio is the dragon house Pirgos located. This is around twenty minutes from Nea Styra.
  • At the Vigklia hill, along the road from Nea Styra to Styra stands the Vigklia dragon house at a height of only 80 meters.
  • And at the site of Inglises of Styra there are two dragon houses at a height of 520 meters.

There are more dragon houses in the area, but it’s best to ask around when you are there.

historical places in greece
Dragon house in Evia Greece. Photo by Jebulon CCO Wikimedia Commons

Greece Landmarks in Evia

Karystos & Marmari Dragon Houses

Even more dragon houses are located on Mount Ochi, and near the towns of Marmari and Karystos, a little more to the south of Evia island. If you want to visit them it will take you around an hour drive from Nea Stira. For more information read the article Dragon houses around Karystos and Marmari”.

Dragon houses tours in Evia

This tour will take you to the dragon houses of Styra. Photo: TourRadar

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The walks are around ten kilometers every day, which is three to four hours. Only the last day will be the double distance when you will visit the traditional villages of Gourna that sit beneath the imposing peaks of Mount Ochi.

The walks will take you, and the small group of max. 16 persons, to hillside and coastal villages, through olive groves and along ancient sites. Some of the impressive things you will see are the mysterious dragonhouses of Styra, the vineyards of the Montofoli Estate, an acropolis, the museum of Eretria and the Venetian castle. Every single place on Evia has its own delicious local cuisine and after long walks and a lunch you will be completely refreshed after some plunges from the boat into the sea.

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