The tiny mountain village of Akteo is only half an hour drive from Marmari and around the same distance from Karystos. The village provides magnificent views over the Aegean sea. The sea smashes it’s waves day and night against the rocks in the Filagra bay below the village. Countless ships have crashed on these rocks.

However, the small inlet with the beautiful beach of Konidavli is like a little paradise. Here you don’t hear the sound of smashing waves, but dominates a pleasant silence with magnificent crystal clear waters to swim in.

Not too far away from the beach, but only accesible by boat is a cave of fascinating beauty. To have an impression of the scenery watch the video below.
Don’t expect any tavernas or beach bars over here!

Featured image of Konidavli beach by fd1538 CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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