A few kilometers outside the village of Gavalas, on the island of Euboea, there is a special place with sacred water. Religious people go here when they do not feel so good or when they suffer from a certain condition. Of course, this place can also be visited simply to enjoy its peace, beauty and mystic atmosphere.

The Holy Water of Gavalas is located next to the church Aghie Anarjirie and can only be reached from Gavalas via sandy roads and a good number of descents. The church is not very special to see, but you can go inside to view the icons and burn a candle.

The place with the holy water is down in the ravine opposite the church. You can reach the ravine by descending the stairs. It is not a difficult climb. A 73-year-old Greek lady from the village did not have much trouble with it.

Down in the ravine, the holy water flows along a mountain slope covered with plane trees. In Greek, this water is called “aghiasma”, sometimes it flows abundantly, sometimes it drips and in the case of long-lasting drought there is no water.

Religious people with various disorders come to this place and wash themselves with the holy water because they believe that this will alleviate their pain or problems. Tradition says to leave the clothes they were wearing before they washed themselves behind, and to dress in clean, uncontaminated clothes. Hence, garments are hanging in the trees and bushes. Usually they have been tied into them.

In addition to a monument, a water pipe has been provisionally installed. This allows the holy water to be collected in bottles and taken home. Many Greeks pour it into smaller bottles and put it at home or at work in a special place. If they need it, they drink a little or wash themselves with it. There are many places with holy water in Greece. You only have to be able find them.

Distance Chalkida to Gavala: 1 hour drive
Distance Erethria to Gavala: 40 minutes drive
Distance Amarynthos to Gavala: 30 minutes drive
Distance Aliveri to Gavala: 11 minutes drive
Distance Marmari to Gavala: 1 hour and 15 minutes drive
Distance Karystos to Gavala: 1 hour and 15 minutes drive

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