Day hiking in Greece is becoming every year more popular. People are looking to spend some more time outdoors to escape the daily routine inside of buildings and to get in touch with nature again. In Greece, especially in spring and summer you will find people of all ages, enjoying nature, fresh air and each others company on a hiking day trip in the mountains.

A question often asked is what shoes to wear on such a trip. The right hiking shoes or boots are of great importance. Many trips have been spoiled by blisters or scrunched toes. You don’t want that for yourself, your friends or kids. It’s a pretty personal choice though what you prefer to wear.

Greece walking holidays
Best hiking in Greece with good hiking shoes.

Many mountain hikers nowadays swear by trail runners on their trips during spring, summer and fall. The reason is that they are very comfortable and light, dry quickly when wet, have an excellent traction and don’t give you blisters. Another good thing about trail runners is that they don’t require a break in period as many hiking boots do.

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Hiking socks

Just as with selecting the wrong hiking shoes for your adventure, choosing the wrong socks can spoil all the fun. You have to choose the right material, height, cushioning and fit for your hiking socks.

The right fit is important to prevent abrasion with your shoes, while cushioning is a matter of comfort. Which material to choose for your socks is maybe more difficult.

Hiking in Greece
Hiking Mount Olympus Greece.

A very popular material for hiking socks because of its qualities are socks made of Merino wool combined with synthetic materials. This wool is a naturally sweat wicking fabric and, very important, it is itch-free. Socks made of Merino wool are suitable for all kinds of weather.

The synthetic materials are added so the socks dry more quick, are lighter and more durable.

The general rule is to stay away from cotton, but this is not completely true for hikes in hot weather. A low amount of cotton doesn’t harm. On the contrary, it makes the sock lighter and that’s more comfortable on hot summer days. Never, though, go hiking with cotton socks in winter!

Mt Olympus Greece hike to cave near Vrontou.
High quality trail runners or hiking boots will improve your hiking experience.

Another option are hiking socks composed entirely of synthetic materials like Polyester and Polypropylene. The benefits of these materials compared to Merino wool is that they dry quicker, are more durable, less expensive, and lighter. Though they are not as warm as Merino wool.

When shopping for hiking socks you will notice that they are divided into four categories: ultra-lightweight, lightweight, mid-weight and heavyweight. Hiking socks in the heavyweight category are only useful if you are planning to hike in the Greek mountains during winter with very low temperatures and snow.

For most hikes in Greece the first three categories will do. Ultra-lightweight and lightweight socks are suitable for warm and hot weather. Just be careful your feet will not be sliding in your shoes!

The hiking socks in the mid-weight category are the most versatile ones. These are all-round socks that can be worn in warm and cold weather.

Pretty much hikers use the same thick socks all year around, just because they fit so well in their hiking shoes. This isn’t a problem as long as they are high quality, special hiking socks that regulate temperature well to keep your feet from getting sweaty.

Using quality hiking shoes and socks will improve your hiking experience dramatically! No blisters, no cramps, no sweaty feet, and because the shoes have a good grip you can prevent accidents.

Have a good hike!


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