Strolling Greece –¬† best places to visit in Greece

Greece has always been a popular destination for travelers. There is so much more to discover though than what the average travel guide reveals. Strolling Greece  will take you to the best places to visit in Greece. Places that have a strong connection with the Greek mythology and ancient history, or just places of unrivaled beauty.

Local Greeks

Mostly local Greeks are aware of such spots. We are Greeks that travel and have traveled for many years throughout the country, searching for those special locations. We have documented and photographed uncountable hidden jewels. Now it’s time for the more curious tourist to go and visit these places.

What to expect on Strolling Greece Travel Blog

This site is set up to document stories, myths, routes and photographs related to Greece’s best places. We will show spectacular hidden crystal clear natural lakes to swim in, waterfalls, hiking paths through the mountains, monasteries, caves, remote beaches, ancient places, traditions, local products and whatever has crossed or will cross our path and might be of interest for the more curious visitor of Greece.

Actively exploring Greece is more demanding

Because Greece is not a very big country, even remote places usually are within reach of fine accommodations to spend the night. Though having a car available is absolutely necessary if you want to have the freedom to move around. Fortunately, there are some organized trips that can take you to many interesting areas. Anyway, be prepared that exploring Greece in this way is a little more demanding than spending your days mainly on the beach acquiring a sun tan. Depending on what you will do you may need to think ahead of what kind of clothes to take with you, hiking shoes and maybe even more equipment.

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The site is still under construction, but bookmark it if you are interested in this topic because we will be expanding the site very quickly with new informative articles and pictures about another way to explore Greece and add some adventure to your holidays.


Enjoy Greece!

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