Mount Olympus Hike Greece – Hiking Trail Mana

A Mount Olympus hike (Greece), offers a wealth of mountain trails. Depending on your experience, physical condition and company you will have to choose the most suitable mountain trail. A beautiful, easy walk at about 1000 meters altitude on Mount Olympus, leads along the path that runs from Refuge Stavros to the current called Mana. Always ask an experienced and certified mountain guide to accompany you.

Mount Olympus Hike Greece.
Signs at the Stavros Refuge that shows the direction to the hiking path to Mana.

Near Litochoro you can visit a fantastic place with several waterfalls and natural pools. A great place to go with kids. Read more about it in >> Orlias Waterfalls. The Tour”Orlias Canyon! Walking with Orpheus”, can take you there.

The Red Rock Waterfall and natural pool is another incredible place to visit in Mount Olympus. It requires some hiking and a good physical condition >> Red Rock Waterfall.

Litochoro Prionia Refuge Stavros
Stavros Refuge on Mount Olympus in Greece.
At the refuge from which the hiking path to Mana starts.

A stunning hiking trail runs through the Enipeas Gorge on Mount Olympus, starting from Litochoro. Some sections are also suitable for kids. Read all about it in our blog post >> Hiking Mt Olympus Greece – Enipeas Gorge.

Hiking Mt. Olympus with Kids

The walk starts at 940 meters height and ends at Mana at 1020 meters height. This means there is only a height difference of 80 meters, so there are hardly any ascents and descents. 

According to experienced mountain guides of Mount Olympus, this trail is very suitable for family hikes. Though beware not to have fear of heights as at some places the path is narrow.

kids hiking along the mountain trail to Mana.
Hiking Mount Olympus Greece with kids.

If you want to learn more about Alexander the Great and the places where he spent his time, you can visit Dion in Northern Greece, not far from Litochoro. The archaeological site in Dion houses the remains of the ancient sacred city of the Greek Kingdom of Macedonia. It’s an enchanting lush green park with many statues and Greek monuments. Read more in our blog post >>Dion Greece.

You ascend Mount Olympus from the village of Litochoro, at the base of Mount Olympus. Along an excellent road, you drive up to Refuge Stavros at 940 meters above sea level. Here you can park the car around the refuge. The view from this place over the plains of Pieria and the Aegean Sea is breathtaking. At the refuge you can spend the night and they serve different dishes.

View from Mount Olympus on Aegean Sea
Hiking Mount Olympus guarantees some breathtaking views.

Hiking Mount Olympus in Greece to Mana

At the parking lot of the refuge you will see a few signs hanging on a tree. One of them, a red sign, indicates “Mana 2.5 km“. The path starts after a gentle descent from the refuge. The first part of the route you will walk between meters high ferns and colorful flowers.

hiking in Greece
Mount Olympus Greece, hike along the path to Mana.

A fairy-tale Greek village in Mount Olympus is Palios Panteleimonas. Surrounded by chestnut trees, the peaks of the mountains and with breathtaking views over the Aegean, you can have a drink or eat something on one of the shaded terraces, or stay at one of the traditional inns. Read all about this village here.

Soon you will reach the historic forest path along which the shepherds used to go their animals to the current for water. The remains of stone walls along the route indicate that the path is really old. While walking you will have steep rocky mountains covered with trees towering to the left of you. While on the right side you will see several, meters deep, forested, rather steep, ravines.

forest along hiking trail to Mana.

Easy Hiking Trail on Mount Olympus

You walk the entire route in the shade of oak and pine trees along a path covered with leaves. At some places the path is narrow and rocky or blocked by a fallen tree or boulders. Because the path’s surface is pretty even, many runners take this route, even in the dark!

day trips from thessaloniki to Mount Olympus

Returning to the refuge after the hike is possible either via the same path or via a forest road that runs from the current Mana to the paved road Stavros-Prionia.

Hikers Refuge Mount Olympus Greece
A sudden turn in the weather made us end up in a cloud for half an hour.
How to get to Refuge Stavros to start your hike

Refuge Stavros is easy to reach from Litochoro. Just outside the village the road bends into the mountains to Prionia. There will be road signs pointing to the right direction. After about nine kilometers (approximately 18 minutes) you will arrive at the refuge.

Read more about how to get to Mount Olympus from Athens and Thessaloniki.

Mount Olympus Hike, Greece – Mountain Guide

It’s best to explore the mountains under the guidance of an experienced and certified mountain guide to prevent accidents or for you to get lost.

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