If you are interested in everything that has to do with Mount Olympus, for example finding the best local hiking trails, you should visit the Information Center of the National Park Olympus. It’s located at the slopes of the mountains and at walking distance of the village of Litochoro. In the same building the mountain patrol officers have their headquarters.

Exhibition of Mount Olympus Greece

The exhibition is really interesting as it gives you information about the mountain from the lower slopes until the highest peaks. It will show you the flora that exists at different altitudes, the animals, which people achieved to reach the peaks, the caves, the waterfalls, the monasteries, the mythology, the refuges and the best hiking trails and mountain trails.

Information Desk

At the desk of the center they will answer all kinds of questions tourists have regarding mountain hiking, safety while hiking, rules that apply on Mount Olympus, and whatever it is you need to know for a nice and safe trip into the mountain area.

Facebook Page of the Information Center of National Park Olympus

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