At the eastern side of Mount Olympus in Greece, above the ancient Greek city of Dion, a hiking trail brings you to the eighteen meters high Red Rock waterfall and its pools. If you want to experience paradise in the middle of the mountains you should take a walk to this hidden gem. 

The hiking trail to the Red Rock Waterfall

The beautiful hiking path is a perfect trail for a hike of a couple of hours. It will take around one and an half hour to get up and a little less to get down. Mostly you will be ascending which may be hard for people with not such a good physical condition. The descents also need to been done carefully. In general the walk is relatively easy (if you are in good condition) except sometimes some scrambling across rocks is required.

You will walk through a dense forest and pass streams belonging to the Orlias river a couple of times. The rocks are slippery so be careful. The hiking trail runs along the impressive Orlias Canyon. The Orlias river runs through this canyon at great depth and makes a lot of noise. This is one of the few rivers in Greece that has water all year around. 

The pool below the waterfall has crystal clear water but it’s ice cold. Though during the hot summer months it’s a pleasure to take a swim in it and many people do. Along the trail are many more pools you can swim in, relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. 

This hiking trail should be avoided with wet weather because it will become very slippery.

Don’t miss the nearby Orlias Waterfalls!

To be sure you will not miss it: The Orlias waterfalls are just below the entrance of the hiking trail to the Red Rock Waterfall. The path to them is located  between the chapel of Agios Konstantinos and Eleni and the entrance of the path to the Red Rock Waterfall at not even hundred meters distance. Read more in the article about the Orlias Waterfalls and their legends.

Trip Ideas:

hiking mount olympus greece
Path through mountains leading to Red Rock waterfall.
mt olympus greece hike to Red Rock waterfall
Natural pool in front of Red Rock waterfall.

⇒ About a 30 minutes drive from Dion is located Palios Panteleimonas, a picturesque Greek village on Mount Olympus. One of those nice places in Greece you should visit when in the area.

best greece walking holidays on mount olympus greece
Red Rock waterfall, with a height of 18 mtr.

Trip Ideas:

How to get there
To get there follow the signs to the Olympus Mountains from the village of Dion. Sometimes the chapel Konstantinos is also indicated on a sign, but not consistently. It is about a four kilometers drive through the mountains. The road is in good condition but has some pretty steep ascents and sharp turns. As you drive higher into the mountains you will see the upper part of the meters deep canyon on the right. After four kilometers the chapel of Saint Konstantinos and Eleni is on the right-hand side. Here you can park somewhere along the road. A few meters higher you will see a large gold-colored sign and a path that leads to the Orlias Waterfalls. Don’t take this path, but the hiking trail that starts a little further up. You will see a wooden stairs that leads to the path. In front of these stairs is a sign that says “path to Koromilia mountain refuge”. This is the path you have to take.
Unless you are a very experienced hiker, don’t go exploring the mountains on your own. There are many very experienced guides that can show you the best places without risking your safety.



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