Greek Dragon Houses near Nea Stira - Greece Landmarks in Evia If you want to visit the dragon houses of Styra, the mysterious ancient Greek monuments of Evia, while staying in Nea Stira, Karystos, or Marmari, read on to find out their locations. A couple of dragon houses (drakospita) are located in the neighborhood of
The sea port town of Nea Styra is located on the southwestern part of the island of Euboea, in the municipality of Karystos. This is the smallest section of the island with a width of only ten kilometers. Nea Styra is a contemporary beach resort with lots of hotels, tavernas, bars, nightclubs and shops. Because
On a hill, high above the lake of Dystos we find the ruins of the village Sarai. And there are quite a few buildings left. It is a deserted area, not far from the provincial road that runs from Lepouron to Karistou in the south of central Euboea, around twenty kilometer south of Aliveri. A
In winter many areas of Greece are plagued by frost, snow and violent storms. A country that consists of seventy percent mountains and thousands of islands has to deal with quite a few problems in winter. Because of temperatures up to twenty degrees below zero and meters high snowfall many mountain villages are closed off
old panteleimonas mount olympus greece
In autumn the chestnut vendor with his Foefoe and freshly picked sweet chestnuts comes down from the mountains, he exhibits his merchandise in a crowded place in town and will be a leading view in the street scenes of many Greek cities until the end of winter. The Pierians, the inhabitants of the Greek-Macedonian district

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