The Menalon Trail Hotels & Guesthouses – Hiking Peloponnese

If you are going to walk or hike the Menalon Trail, or parts of it, you will need to find hotels or guesthouses along the trail to spend the nights. The trail contains of eight sections and passes nine villages. In this blog post you will find an accommodation guide for most of the trail.

the menalon trail
One of the best hikes in Greece.

Not every village along the trail has hotels or guesthouses. Fortunately a neighboring village is never far away. Don’t wait too long to book your accommodation! This trail has gained popularity lately and there are just not that many accommodations available in the area along the trail. That means you really have to book your hotel or guesthouse well in advance.

Hiking Peloponnese – Tours

Organized trips and tours where you hike sections of the Menalon Trail are also available. The good thing of an organized trip is that the touroperator will arrange your transport and accommodation. Here is an overview of some interesting tours that will take you to the Peloponnese for a one-day or multi-day hike.

hiking trails greece
Breathtaking views along the Menalon Trail.

If you haven’t read yet about the amazing Menalon hiking trail in the Peloponnese, then we suggest you will first read Menalon Trail – Best Hiking Trails in Europe.

Accommodations along the Menalon Trail




Arriving at Zigovisti you will have to take a taxi back to Dimitsana (4.1 km or 2.5 mi) or to Stemnitsa (3.1 km or 1.9 mi) for accommodation.


Arriving at Elati, for accommodation you will have to go to Vitina (about 6 km or 3.7 mi).



Nimfasia has one accommodation, Guesthouse Agropoli. You can go to the villages Valtesiniko (about 8 km or 5 mi) or Vitina (about 1 km or 0.6 mi) for more accommodations.


Magouliana: Accommodation in Vitina (5 km or 3.1 mi) or Valtessiniko (4 km or 2.5 mi).


Are you planning a road trip in Greece? If you are interested in a road trip through the Peloponesse, we have made one, and you can read about it in our blogpost >> Road Trip Peloponnese.

penepolese greece
Hiking the Lousios Gorge in the Peloponnese, Greece.

The southern Peloponnese consists of three “legs”, of which the second one is called the Mani, which was until recently an isolated area, mainly accessible by sea. The Mani was known for its fierce family clans living in tower houses, and pirates. You can read more about our Mani Road Trip in the blogpost >> One Week in the Mysterious Mani.

In Northern Greece you can hike the fabulous Enipeas Gorge on the mountain of the Twelve Olympian Gods, Mount Olympus.

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