Trips and Tours for Hiking along the Menalon Trail in the Peloponnese Greece

Below a list of interesting hiking tours and hiking trips of sections of the Menalon Trail by different tour operators:


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Southern Greece Archeological Walking Holidays; Peloponnese and Delphi  –  8 Days Tour

A small group tour starting from Athens. During this eight day tour you will visit some really interesting places in Greece like the Acropolis in Athens, Monastery Osios Loukas and Corycian Cave on Mount Parnassos, Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae, Epidavros and Nafplio.

On the 5th day you will hike through the Gorge of the Lousios River, from Stemnitsa to Dimitsana. On the 6th day there will be another hike to the peak of Mount Mainalon (1981m). Read more about this tour.

Menalon Trail – Elati  – Half Day Trip

Trip starting from Kalamata. Take a break from the summer crowds of Kalamata and head into the forest on this half day hike along Section Four of the Peloponnese’s Menalon Trail, from Elati village to Vytina village. Walk past abandoned buildings and through areas of great significance like the site of the acropolis of the ancient city Methydrion, stopping along the way for some swimming near the path. Read more about this trip.

Hiking the Menalon Trail – 5 Days Tour

Starting from Stemnitsa. This 5 days hiking adventure will take you to the trails that unfold through the Menalon mountain, from the gorge of Lousios River to the western slopes of the valley of Mylaon River and the village of Vitina. Experience a place of great natural beauty and historical importance. Settle at cosy rustic hotels and guesthouses in small picturesque villages and taste authentic Greek cuisine into one of the most stunning destinations this area has to offer. The program aims also to put participants close to the local way of living motivating them to mingle with local communities as this is an important factor of sustainable development of hiking tourism. Read more about this tour.

Mountain Hike with Truffle Hunting Demonstration -Half Day Trip

Starting from Tripoli or Levidi. Experience a half day mountain hike where you will get the chance to gather and taste food from nature – a gastronomy walk in the beautiful landscape of the Menalon trail, the first certified trail in Greece. During the walk, you will have the opportunity to live the experience of truffle hunting as demonstrated by a trained Lagotto Romagnolo. The small seminar-demonstration will include a talk about seasonal truffle and a live simulation of the process. The walk continues through the magnificent and diverse nature of mountainous Arcadia on a well-structured section of the Menalon trail with a stop for snacks made with local products. There you will learn more about the geography, the thesaurus of Arcadia’s villages and the magnificent nature of the region. Finally, at the end of our journey the professional chef and guide of the walk creates a gourmet dish for you, in nature, based on local products and fresh truffle. In nature food always tastes, smells and looks wonderful. Read more about this trip.

Mythical Peleponnese – 6 Days Tour

From Athens. 6 days. Go hiking around Lousios river in Arcadia. Visit Dimitsana’s historic Open Air Water Power Museum. Discover the charming and flourishing seaside town of Kardamyli in Mani. Hike through Viros gorge in Mani or to Mount Taygetos summit (2407m.) Paddle out on your sea-kayaks around the stunning landscapes of Mani. Go swimming to the pristine beaches of western Mani. Visit the stunning Diros cave. Walk to the lighthouse of Cape Tenaro the southernmost point of mainland Europe. More details about this tour.

Menalon Trail – Dimitsana – 5 Hours Trip

From Kalamata. Around five hours. According to Mythology, Lousios river took the name because of the nymphs that brought the newborn Jupiter into these waters for his first bath. The trail starts from the village of Dimitsana and the Open Air Water Power Museum and ends in ancient Gortyna. Temples, Monasteries, ascetics, hermitages, watermills, water jets and barrows are ingredients that make the scenery special. Among the most important religious monuments are the Old (10th century) and the New (17th century) Monastery of the Virgin of the Philosopher, the Monastery of Timios Prodromos (late 16th century), the watermill of the monastery of Prodromos, St Andreas Gortyn (14th century) and the Ancient City of Gortyn (3rd century BC).  Read more about this trip.

Private Tour to Olympia, Mountain Villages, Lousios Gorge and Monasteries – Two Days Tour

Two days from Athens or Nafplio. Enjoy this, summer or winter, PRIVATE trip for 2-7 related people & experience the birthplace of the Olympic Games but also authentic non-touristy Greece of the mountain villages. This is a unique two full day tour to the mountain villages, gorge/river and monasteries of the central Peloponnese and to the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece; Olympia. On Day 1 explore the beautiful villages of Dimitsana & Stemnitsa. Visit a couple of cliff hanging monasteries, taste local food, visit the  Water-Powered Museum. Enjoy real lunch (“meze”) with the locals. Wander around one of the stone built villages and spend your night in a beautiful traditional guest house. Day 2 starts with breakfast in the mountains. Then, a 45 minutes drive to ancient Olympia the “Valley of Gods” and the birthplace of the most important athletic event of all times, the Olympic Games. You will have a chance to run down the original Olympic track and visit the museum. Read more about this tour.


Article on Hiking or Walking the Menalon Trail

Self Guided Walking Tours Greece – Application Menalon Trail Topoguide & Peleponnese Map

For an independent walking tour at the Menalon Trail the app “Menalon Trail Topoguide” can be very useful. This app can be downloaded from Google Play and costs around six euros. Besides the application, you can find a map in all local shops in main villages of the area. There is also a website with very detailed information on the Menalon Trail by the makers of the application.

List of Hotels & Guesthouses along the Menalon Trail.

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